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WE, the dedicated law enforcement officers of Nevada, hereby join forces and proudly stand as a unified body to collectively represent and advocate for the interests and goals of our esteemed members. We are united in pursuit of the following objectives:

We, the law enforcement officers of Nevada, unite and steadfastly pledge to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the state of Nevada. We instill unwavering loyalty and allegiance to the United States of America, while diligently promoting and fostering the enforcement of law and order. Our foremost aim is to enhance the individual and collective proficiency of our members in the performance of their duties. We wholeheartedly encourage fraternal, social, charitable, and educational activities among law enforcement officers.

Benefits of Joining Henderson FOP

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Legal Defence

The Henderson FOP Lodge #3 provides an invaluable resource of legal defense support for our members. As part of our commitment to protect those who protect our community, we ensure our members are equipped with robust legal representation, offering assistance in situations arising from on-duty or job-related incidents.

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06 April 2024
Hammer Grill and Bar, 771 East Horizon Dr.
Henderson, NV 89015 United States

First Saturday every month @9:00 AM.

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a message from the National Fraternal Order of Police

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Patrick Yoes, National President of the Fraternal Order of Police, released the following statement regarding the National FOP’s year-end report on officers shot and killed in the line of duty:

“Last year, over 330 police officers were shot in the line of duty. With the COVID-19 pandemic behind us
and after so many Americans have seen the tragic consequences of the defund the police movement, it was our hope that these numbers would be a high-water mark. We were wrong.

“Instead, 378 officers were shot in the line of duty in 2023, the highest number the FOP has ever recorded. Thankfully, because of dramatic improvements in medical trauma science and anti-ballistic technology, the lethality of these attacks has been reduced and only 46 of the officers shot in the line of duty were killed. There were 115 ambush-style attacks on law enforcement officers this year, which resulted in 138 officers shot, 20 of whom were killed.

“Many will often look at this data and just see numbers, but we MUST remember that they represent heroes—fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters. This scale of violence against our officers is horrifying and simply unsustainable. It is no wonder that our profession is facing a recruitment and retention crisis. What father or mother would want their child to become an officer knowing the dangers they face every day?

“When this Congress convened, I asked that they act swiftly and pass the Protect and Serve Act, which would address the national problem of ambushes and unprovoked attacks on our nation’s law enforcement officers. They have not done so. Today, given these numbers, what more would it take for lawmakers in Washington to see how necessary it is to pass this legislation?

“I call on Americans in every community across the country to join us in taking a stand—to say, ‘Enough is Enough!’ Truthfully, the violence against those sworn to protect and serve is beyond unacceptable; it’s a stain on our society, and it must end. It is incumbent upon our elected officials and community leaders to stand up, support our heroes, and speak out against the violence against law enforcement officers.”

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jack owens president of FOP

A message from our President

Hello and welcome to the Gene Altobella Lodge #3 web page. Thank you for your interest in learning more about our lodge. We are an organization made up of active and retired law enforcement officers from across the country that are a huge part of the backbone of our community. We also support the active and retired members of our armed forces and are actively involved in several local organizations including One Hero at a Time. We believe our members and the other organizations we support have sacrificed so much with very little recognition or thanks and that drives our efforts to make a difference. Our organization is growing and we are always looking for new members and new ways to have a positive impact within our community.


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