Legal Defense

One of the primary objectives of the FOP is to provide sufficient legal defense for officers in need. We offer our associates a self-funded legal defense plan, only available to FOP groups and individual members. Providing law enforcement officials job and financial protection, expert claim administration and coverage for administrative, civil and criminal issues, the FOP aims to protect police officers during trying times. We also provide HR-218 coverage for retired officers and allow members the right to choose their own attorney.

Sponsored by the Fraternal Order of Police Grand Lodge and operated by FOP Legal Plan, Inc., we strive to offer broad legal defense coverage to police officers seeking support. This plan pays for all reasonable and necessary attorney fees for on-duty claims, as well as funding for administrative off-duty claims. Additionally, this plan works in excess of all other benefits, including defense provided by an employer.

Benefits of Joining Henderson FOP

On January 1, 2023 the prices are going to increase for the legal defense plan, click the button to view

Legal Defense Support at Henderson FOP Lodge #3

As dedicated law enforcement officers, you’re committed to protecting and serving the community of Henderson. You take risks, face challenges, and often make difficult decisions under stressful circumstances. We understand this at the Henderson Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #3, and we believe it is equally important that you are protected as well.

Our legal defense support is a critical benefit of your membership in the Henderson FOP Lodge #3. This aspect of our service exists to ensure that you have professional, reliable, and robust legal representation whenever you face legal situations arising from on-duty or job-related incidents.

Our legal defense fund is not merely a lifeline; it’s a shield and sword in the face of adversity. It is administered by experienced and dedicated legal professionals who have a deep understanding of law enforcement operations, the unique challenges you face, and the laws applicable in our jurisdiction.

Whether it’s a civil suit, a criminal investigation, or an administrative procedure, our legal defense support is there to back you up. Our team works diligently to ensure your rights are upheld and that you receive fair treatment in any legal proceedings. We understand the immense stress these situations can place on you and your family, and we aim to alleviate this burden as much as possible.

We provide more than just representation in court. Our legal defense support also includes counsel and guidance on legal matters that you might face in the course of your duty. We offer expert advice and assist in understanding the legal ramifications of on-duty incidents, helping you navigate these complex situations with confidence.

Becoming a member of the Henderson FOP Lodge #3 means you don’t face these challenges alone. You become part of a community that is determined to support each other, and our legal defense benefit is a key part of this commitment.

Your dedication to protecting our community should never leave you feeling vulnerable. With Henderson FOP Lodge #3’s legal defense support, you can perform your duty with the assurance that we’ve got your back, legally and morally. Our mission is to protect those who protect us – because no one should stand alone.

Join us today, and become a part of a brotherhood that values, supports, and protects its members. Together, we make Henderson a safer place.

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